Neptune Web Content Management (WCM) Platform

The Neptune Web Content Management (WCM) platform powers the websites of many customers across the U.S. With user-friendly publishing tools and complete user control over the design, Neptune gives you the power to build the website your customers demand. Built on a Java platform and fully documented, Neptune provides powerful enterprise application integration and extensive e-Commerce functionality. And it’s all backed by uncompromising technical support from real people.

The Neptune WCM platform features:

User-friendly Publishing Tools

Neptune’s web-based content management tools allow you to take complete control of the publishing environment. .

Powerful Design Tools

Neptune gives you complete control of your design. From design elements, to page layouts and templates, you make changes when and where they are needed..

A Platform for the Enterprise

Built on Java with a fully documented API, the Neptune WCM platform allows you to integrate existing enterprise applications with your website. From displaying user account information to large scale Intranet management, the Neptune platform can help you get the most from your enterprise investments.

Integration with Softslate Commerce

Neptune runs side-by-side with Softslate Commerce, an excellent full-featured, high-performance, open-source Java shopping cart that powers dozens of ecommerce websites. SoftSlate Commerce is designed to be easily extended and customized.

Integration with Popular Email Marketing Applications

Neptune provides "out of the box" integration with the two leading email marketing applications, Constant Contact and iContact.

Constant Contact iContact

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