Features - User-friendly Publishing Tools

User-friendly Publishing Tools

Neptune’s web based publishing tools make updating content a snap. There is nothing to download. All publishing tools are accessed through Neptune’s web based interface.

Administrator Tools

Neptune’s administrator tools allow you to take complete control of the publishing environment. Control who can edit sections of the site. Monitor control panel activity. Track who made changes and when.

Control of Site Structure

With Neptune, there are no hidden ‘back doors’. You have complete control over your site structure. Through the publishing interface, you can add new sections to your site and control site navigation, without the need for IT intervention. You can also create sections of your site that require users to login.

Friendly URLs

Neptune’s alias tool allows you to create friendly URLs. These shortened URLs make link sharing and landing page management quick and easy.

Web-based Editing Tool

Neptune’s content editing tool allows you to make changes without knowing HTML code, all through the web based editing tool.

Powerful Content Reuse

Do you have the same content posted on many different pages of your site? With Neptune’s powerful content reuse tool, there is no need to update every page. You update the content in one place, and all pages grab the latest version of the content.  

Content Scheduling

You control when pages go live or expire, a useful tool when planning events, announcements, or press releases.

Social Media Ready

Integrate your blog. Enable RSS feeds. Share bookmarked content. Leveraging social media is simple through Neptune’s integrated social media tools.

SEO Tools

Built in Search Engine Optimization tools allow you to optimize your keywords, metadata, and content.

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