Case Study - UW School of Music

University of Wisconsin - School of Music

The School of Music at the University of Wisconsin of Madison, boasting an outstanding international roster of faculty artists and scholars.

The School of Music required a content management Web site that features multiple user permissions, a multitude of layouts enabling attractive design features and an uncomplicated process for content updates.

Our Solution
IMS implemented Neptune, a content management solution that contains a multitude of tools for the many different features that The School of Music Required.

The School of Music has a site that beautifully conveys the artistic nature of the school. Visitors to the site can find up-to-date information on events, faculty, courses and admissions. The site is frequently updated by staff members, has a large degree of cross-reference between items (such as faculty, ensembles, and events). Bottlenecking is no longer an issue between creation and publication of content, and the update trail is clearly visible in the site's audit log.

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