Case Study - WARF

Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

WARF, is a private, non-profit organization that support scientific research at the UW-Madison. WARF patents inventions developed by UW-Madison scientists and licenses these technologies to leading companies worldwide.

WARF needed a highly functional, well-organized and great-looking Web site that also adhered to strict usability standards and would communicate to three distinct audiences: inventors, licensees, and the general public. They also wanted the ability to make content updates in-house.

Our Solution
IMS implemented a highly functional custom content management system that included clear organization, this custom system has now evolved to be Neptune.

IMS worked closely with WARF staff across multiple departments and developed a site structure that groups information by specific audience. WARF Web site visitors now locate relevant information much more quickly and easily. Researchers now submit new inventions to WARF through the Web site (instead of via a manual process); industries search an extensive database of available technologies and sign up via email for updates that are tailored specifically to their requirements. Internally, WARF makes updates to the site themselves.

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