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A pay per click campaign is a campaign where you have to pay a certain amount of money each time a user clicks on your dance school ad that’s featured on an affiliate site or on any search engine. PPC campaigns are a great investment because the probability that a user who is genuinely interested in the classes that your dance school offers will click on the ad is high. That in turn, has a direct impact on the high possibility that the same user will sign up for your classes. PPC campaigns offer more flexibility in a way because if there are one or more specific dance classes that you would like to promote, then a PPC campaign is the best way to do so.

Pay Per Click Services Tailor-Made For You

Increase Your Earnings


We take our campaigns seriously and we aim for a perfect 10/10 score each time.


The most effective landing pages have the perfect balance of content and media which encourage users to actually click on the links.


You’ll know exactly where your leads are coming from by taking a look at the weekly reports we prepare for you.


A PPC campaign is effective only when inputs and outputs are monitored closely and our experts do just that.


If there’s a specific age group that you would like to connect with, we can create PPC ads which highlight that.


You decide how much you want to spend per ad per day and thus maximize your earnings.