Managing Brand Reputation Is Crucial

The business world is full of stories about established brands that took a stock market beating or saw sales plummet after one tweet, review, feedback or comment was posted negatively on a public forum about it. So, imagine what the same could do to the reputation of your dance school as well. Most users don’t check the authenticity of a review and believe by default that any review which is posted online has been done so by a person who has tried and tested the service that is being discussed.

We take online reputation management of all brands, big or small very seriously and we do our best to monitor, track and measure any feedback that is posted online about your dance school.

Every Review Matters

Let Us Protect Your Brand For You


Any review or comment that is posted about your dance school directly or about any other aspect of its identity is monitored closely.


If there is a cause to be concerned, then we ensure that we participate in any discussions about your dance school to ensure the authenticity of the statements.


The longer negative feedback can be viewed online, the more damage it’s likely to do and by getting such content removed, we minimize the damage.

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One of the most important steps to gain back public trust and support is by controlling the extent of the damage done and by issuing a PR statement if needed.


By increasing the number of positive reviews and feedback discussed about your brand, we make it easier for prospective clients to believe the good things being shared about your dance school.