Client Retention Is Possible

We’ve all been there- we’ve gotten excited about the number of hits that our website received but have wondered why the conversion rate still remained low. Where are the prospective clients going and is there any way to tackle the bounce rate on the website? Yes, there is. Say hello to Retargeting Ads. One of the main reasons why retargeting ads are making such a strong comeback is because they have proven to be so effective in helping clients find your dance school online, the minute they are actually ready to convert. In fact, retargeting ad campaigns score higher by a big margin over display campaigns or even traditional marketing because of their ‘focused’ approach. Dance School Marketing Agency is an expert in crafting the best retargeting ad campaigns for your dance school.

Enable Faster Client Conversion

Let The Number of Enrollments Increase

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We help you decide your target audience whether they be children, teenagers or adults and then custom-tailor a campaign for you based on your audience.


If you’d like to promote a specific dance class to your target audience, we can help you with that. This, in fact, also help bring more website hits.


By using Google Ads, our retargeting ad campaigns stand to gain a much higher successful conversion rate.


Each audience relates to a different kind of ad and that’s why we use a mix of banners, videos, short clips, and landing pages to ensure a higher click-through rate.

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Monitor the success of your retargeting campaign by analyzing the data for yourself. This, in turn, helps you gauge where the bulk of your leads are coming from in terms of demography.