Move To The Top

SEO is not just about knowing what the right keywords to use are. It’s also about understanding how search engines work and what kind of search terms users are likely to type every time they’re searching for a dance school within their locality. Statistics show that a high percentage of all Internet users show a strong tendency to click on the top 5 results shown on any search engine. In an age when most people want quick solutions to any question they have, what your website needs isn’t just SEO, it’s Smart SEO.

Strategies That Show Results

Let More Students Find Your Website Easily


We do complete research on understanding the right keywords to use for you and that’s why we use both primary and secondary keywords.


Our SEO experts will ensure that your dance school website moves up slowly but steadily up the search engine rankings.


Great SEO comes in different forms and one of the most effective ways to get users to click on your website is through polls, infographics, and content.


We register your dance school website on other referral networks, embedded linking, and SEO oriented social media.


Our SEO experts use both internal and external link profiling to improve SEO.


We embed code which enables digital assistants to find your website easily on any search engine.