Facebook Means Business

If you’ve always wanted to reach out to a crowd of potential dance students, then you probably won’t find a better forum than Facebook. Where else can you view and befriend associates and acquaintances that might be the perfect fit for your classes? The fact that it is through one common connection that you are reaching out to another person is in itself a powerful endorsement for your dance school. Simply because, the chances that your dance school website will be viewed are much higher when any post, image or video linked to your dance school is ‘liked’ by people in your network.

At Dance School Marketing Agency, it is this ‘connect’ that we tap into in order to let potential clients know that there’s no better dance school than yours if they’re looking to sign up for classes.

Ad Customization For Social Media


When we create headlines for your dance school ad, we make sure that it’s eye-catching yet informative- there’s no way a reader can scroll by without clicking once.


We create, update and maintain your social media pages for you including handling inquiries, comments and responding to feedback.


What’s the point of having a page that doesn’t entice readers to take immediate action? We make sure that prospective clients find your phone number and address easily.


Whether you’re trying to promote a ballet class for children or salsa class for adults, we can help you narrow down your list of potential clients. This helps you reach them directly.


One of the best ways to spread the word about your dance school is to upload small educational videos and images featuring real shots taken in classrooms with students and teachers. This adds to the authenticity of your brand.


Believe it or not, Facebook offers 8 types of ads to suit any kind of business and by using a mix, we can increase your client base too.