How do I expand my current client base effectively?

By employing Child Care Marketing Agency to promote your center online, you increase the chances of getting many inquiries and leads from parents who may be looking to hire your services.

What if I have multiple child care centers in different cities?

We have the expertise required to effectively promote all your centers irrespective of location or size.

How do I monitor results?

All our clients are given a dashboard from which reports can be generated and data can be viewed as and when it is uploaded. You can also check how effective each campaign is.

Digital Marketing Is In The Now

Traditional forms of advertising are still around but the number of inquiries that you are likely to get after placing an advertisement in the paper may not meet your expectations or business goals. In fact, when you compare the investment made with the returns gained, the net result is likely to be negative. On the other hand, investing in digital marketing will give you gains in the form of genuine inquiries that can convert to actual business in the long-term. In order to reap those benefits, it makes sense to think seriously about how you can optimize your advertising budget for digital marketing campaigns and then get more clients in the process.

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Benefits of Using Child Care Marketing Agency


Our Way of Working

We begin the client-agency relationship building process by learning the most we can about your business.

  • We first talk to you about your business and then study the current business status of your competitors.
  • Based on our study, we give you a detailed presentation on our findings which also include slides on your current advertising campaigns and the detailed plan that we have created for your center.
  • After a few discussions and meetings, we make the necessary edits and changes and then finalize the campaign strategy.
  • Once our marketing plan has been approved, we draft a formal proposal and then we set things in motion by getting down to work.

Be Present Virtually

Our team knows that you’re working hard day in and out to make your child care center #1 and that’s why we have a transparent work system which allows you to track the progress being made on your website or campaign wherever you are. All clients can:

  • Have access to their respective account managers through video conferencing facilities.
  • Take a look at the comments and feedback left on profiles and on your website by real clients.
  • Get access to a dashboard that shows you all the information you want like live data, flow charts, website visits etc.

New Lead Management

The sole aim of digital marketing is to help your child care center strengthen the existing client base and also to tap newer markets successfully. We do this by:

  • Updating social media profiles and your website with fresh content on a regular basis.
  • Conducting email marketing campaigns so that your services stay on in a client’s mind.
  • By using visitor tracking data and other Google Analytics tools to understand visitor profiles.
  • Creating digital campaigns that remain focused on client conversion.

Connected to the best


New client acquisition is important because it boosts business and most importantly, helps you to access a previously untapped audience. Digital marketing goes a long way in helping your child care centers gain more clients by:

  • Focusing on your center’s experience in handling children, the number of experienced teachers, the facilities on offer etc.
  • Placing a link to your website on other affiliate websites for better business promotion.
  • By creating ads, banners, videos, headlines and blogs to keep potential visitors engaged.


A good relationship with a client goes beyond business. Listening to the feedback that they have to share is extremely important as that can often be an eye-opener. We help you cement your bond with your existing clients through a number of different platforms.



Here’s the unspoken fact about the brands that have changed the very world that we live in- they have untold passion and a drive for what they do which in turn makes them very successful. At Child Care Marketing Agency, we care about our clients and their stories. We understand that you’ve had your own journey to get to where you are today and that you may have many more challenges to surmount before you get to where you actually want to be. It’s that ‘never-say-never’ attitude that we see in our clients which we love and which unconsciously fuels us to put together the best digital campaigns for your child care center.


Is digital marketing for you?

Yes, it is. Irrespective of the type of business you have, there is some quantifiable benefit that digital marketing can give your business today.


  • Access to marketing experts and strategists who have years of experience in brand building.
  • Access to the best creative team comprising of content writers, data analysts, marketing experts and managers who are all focused on working for YOU!
  • Access to real-time data and reports- track the effectiveness of our campaigns on your business directly.
  • Access to an expert who will personally handle your account and who will be on call anytime of the day to answer your queries.

Our Customers Feedback


I found out about this agency from a close friend of mine and was very impressed with the ideas that they suggested. They have a great team!

New York

The Child Care Marketing Agency helped me launch my first center online. I got many inquiries which converted into business as well.


The Child Care Marketing Agency never ceases to amaze me with their innovative ideas. It’s been five years since we started working with them.