How do I expand my current client base effectively?

By employing Dance School Marketing Agency to promote your school online, you automatically increase the chances of being found locally or in your city. Through focused client conversion strategies, you’ll be able to get genuine inquiries and leads.

What if I have multiple dance schools in different cities?

That’s not a problem. Any campaign that we create for you will address the individual promotional requirements for each of your centers.

How do I monitor results?

Checking the online feed of your social media profiles is one way to track public interaction with your dance school and their feedback. A second way to do so is by going through the weekly reports that our marketing experts will give you which also has information on various factors that you should consider for optimal client conversion.

Digital Marketing is the present and the future

Probably no other platform other than the Internet can give you unlimited access to all the client’s you’ve always wanted to convert at the same time and place. Statistics show that what’s seen is often remembered and even if your dance school is easily accessible, future clients may not even register the location mentally unless they have seen ads, articles or other information about it before. By creating social media profiles, you automatically increase the chances of connecting with prospective clients while effectively promoting your dance classes too. However, the most important thing to remember is that adding credibility to a brand takes time and is a slow but steady process which yields great results in just a few months.

Websites for Dance School

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Multi-Location Marketing

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Benefits of Using Dance School Marketing Platform


Our Way of Working

It all begins with the initial face to face meeting where you share your concerns, dreams, future goals and current business status with us.

  • After getting a deeper insight into your dance school and the classes offered, we do our bit of research to study your competition, other dance schools in the same locality, your current client profiles and so on.
  • We prepare a presentation based on our combined learnings and findings to you which will also have suggestions on a few digital marketing strategies that we know would be the best fit for your dance school.
  • After a few discussions and meetings, we fine-tune our proposal and send it to you for approval.
  • Once you approve, we assign an account manager who will be your one point of contact for everything.

Stay in Touch Virtually

We, at the Dance School Marketing Agency, understand that our clients are busy working hard for their respective ventures and that’s why we’ve made it easier for them to stay on top of things no matter where they are. Besides communicating with the account managers assigned to your project by phone or email, you can also:

  • Schedule video conferencing sessions beforehand to discuss a proposal or strategy.
  • View the updates posted daily on your social media profiles as well as check the comments and replies from real prospective clients.
  • View real-time data, flow charts and other reports which give you live information on the success ratio of each strategy that is implemented.

Management of Leads

At the heart of any digital marketing strategy that the Dance School Marketing Agency creates remains the focus to tap into untouched markets and accelerate client conversion. We do this successfully by:

  • Creating content and updates on your feed or website that we know your target audience can connect with.
  • Conducting email marketing campaigns periodically so that prospective clients don’t forget about your dance school.
  • Using cookies, data tracking software and the latest Google Analytics to better understand your visitors’ profiles.
  • Creating campaigns that are 100% customized for your target audience.

Connected to the best


We specialize in helping dance schools get new students by using the latest social media management tools effectively. In order to do so, we combine bringing out the best features of your dance school and present them well online to your target clients.

  • We focus on all the positives that your dance school offers right now.
  • We ensure that your dance school promotions are seen on other affiliate websites which have the clients you’re looking for.
  • We also create ads, banners, videos, headlines, blogs and articles to draw attention to your dance school on social media platforms.


Clients love to be heard and often, not listening to even the smallest of feedback that they have can prove costly beyond imagination. We help your dance school maintain a personal relationship with each student by:

  • Sending them birthday wishes and reminders about upcoming classes or special events that they may be participating in.
  • Asking for feedback regularly and keeping them updated about changes that are made based on suggestions that are given.


If there’s one thing you can be sure about, it’s that we care about your dance school as much as you do. We understand that you’ve taken pains to see a dream become reality and that’s why we’re committed to helping you harness the power of the Internet by expanding your reach and in turn, increasing the possibilities of seeing your revenue grow. Dance School Marketing Agency has enabled countless dance schools such as yours to touch the lives of students who really want to learn a new art form and now it’s time for your school to do the same.


Dance School Marketing can give your business what it needs to maximize sales

Using our platform, you can get a clear understanding of how your website is performing, and receive tips to maintain functionality and visibility on search engines. Simply enter your website’s address below and you’ll receive a FREE report today.


  • Unrestricted access to marketing experts who have years of experience in managing digital marketing strategies for a host of industries and clients.
  • Unrestricted access to real-time data and Google Analytics which show you where the bulk of your clients actually come from.
  • Strategies that are created from scratch so as to address your present requirements and to bridge the gap between you and your prospective clients.

Our Customers Feedback

New York

Dance School Marketing Agency helped make my school popular online. I saw a steady increase in the number of enrollments and that helped my business grow too.


I had just started hip-hop dance classes for teenagers and I wanted to spread the word among the schools in my neighborhood. These guys helped me do just that and now I have more than 30 kids in all 4 batches.


We were hosting a small dance contest in our town and we wanted to build up the excitement. Mark helped create a few online campaigns which really helped us get plenty of inquiries and most importantly, sponsors too.