How do I expand my current customer base effectively?

Through the use of solid online marketing strategies, you can effectively reach prospective clientele in your target demographics.

What if I have multiple locations?

No problem! We can easily create unique targeted marketing campaigns for each of your locations.

Is there any way I can check to see if the campaign is a success?

Absolutely! We give you full access to real-time data to allow you to check the results of our customized campaign for yourself.

Learn more about how our online handyman marketing services can benefit your business

You can stay on top of the competition and fully satisfy your customers with the help of a complete online marketing strategy. Because online reviews and testimonials play a large role in influencing a consumer’s decision today, it’s important to develop and maintain a great online reputation for your handyman business. This is where handyman marketing comes into play, with an effective and comprehensive strategy that covers all of your bases. We analyze your company’s core competencies and dig deeper into those areas where your campaign can benefit from improvement. Choose from any of our handyman marketing services or have one of our experienced and qualified experts help you decide on the best one for your handyman business.

Websites for Handyman Businesses

Having your own professional website isn’t merely an option anymore…

Retargeting ads

Imagine a hypothetical situation like this- your ecommerce website ads…

SEO and Content Marketing

You’ve known that it’s only the results that show up on the first page of any…

PPC Management

Pay per Click campaigns using Google Ads is a proven medium that can help…

Social Media Ads

Facebook has opened up a world of possibilities and opportunities…

Local Listing

Local listings are a fantastic way to add credibility to your handyman business…

Social Media Management

Social media offers a fantastic platform to reach out to a wider yet untapped audience…

Reputation Management

The truth is that online reputations of handymen can take a severe beating when least…

Benefits of Using a Handyman Marketing Agency


Everything Connected

We believe in transparency and that’s why when you entrust your handyman business’s website and online marketing campaign to us, we make sure that any tweaks, updates, improvements or additions made can be accessed by you as well as our team. This ensures that:

  • You can see for yourself the real-time progress that is made in terms of design and content every day.
  • You can suggest changes or share your ideas with us as your website and campaign takes shape.
  • You get to interact directly with our team of marketing experts and work with them on your campaign.
  • You also get to view any modifications made and other real-time data after the website and online marketing campaign have been launched.

Access From Anywhere

What if we told you that you didn’t have to physically be present in the city when your website is under construction or when your online marketing campaign is being put together? That’s right, we give you an ‘access from anywhere’ feature that’s a blessing in disguise for busy professionals who travel constantly.

  • Access the work and other modifications that are done on your website or on other social media sites on a daily basis.
  • Interact with our team directly via phone or video conferencing for in-depth discussions.
  • Get real-time updates on customer reviews and feedback from clients.
  • Get access to real-time data and interpreted reports that show you just how effective the campaign really is on your business.

Lead Management

Reaching clients who may have never heard about your handyman business is just one half of the coin- the other lies in managing them effectively. Having a strong presence online undoubtedly helps to set the pace for future business expansion but a well-devised approach is also required to retain those newly acquired clients:

  • Our content is written in an easy to read manner which helps clients remember your brand.
  • We have effective email marketing campaigns and feedback forms which enable new and steady clients to remember you now and then.
  • Data tracking software and our in-house algorithms give you all the information you need to understand where your clients come from.
  • Our online marketing campaigns ensure that client conversion happens slowly and steadily.

Connected to the best


We specialize in helping many different types of businesses acquire new customers by using a number of social media management tools effectively. We do this by:

  • Understanding your competency areas and by doing research on which demographics and related consumers your handyman business should focus on.
  • We ensure that your brand is seen in all the right places and websites online.
  • Our experts will also help you compile a database of customers who would greatly benefit from your range of services.
  • We don’t just focus on one service—we make sure that your entire range of services gets equal coverage.
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Acquiring new customers is important, but retaining them and making sure that they don’t choose other homes is even more crucial. Here’s how our comprehensive services can help you today:

  • We send gentle reminders and confirmations about delivery services and purchases on your behalf to your existing customer base.
  • Email marketing campaigns are very effective in introducing new services, discount offers, bundled offers and the like to existing customers.
  • Feedback matters and through regular surveys and interactions, we make sure that you get to know what your customers really think of your business.

Ready to let the Internet work harder and smarter for your existing business? Let us show you what real business growth looks like!

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At Handyman Marketing Agency, we stay focused on our highest competitive advantage- designing the right online solutions that work around the clock to help you grow your business. We believe that our customized solutions are the link between your handyman business and a potential customer base that may be searching for your services online. By ensuring that your handyman business is ‘seen’ on relevant sites that get maximum clicks, we promote your business and services effectively, thus translating into higher billing and customer conversions each month.

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How Strong is Your Website?

While you may have your own unique handyman business website, it may not be as effective as you believe
it is when it comes to increasing brand visibility and adding to your existing customer base. Let’s find out
how your website is performing today!


  • Access to marketing experts and strategists who have years of experience in brand building.
  • Access to the best creative team comprising of content writers, data analysts, marketing experts and managers who are all focused on working for YOU!
  • Access to real-time data and reports- track the effectiveness of our campaigns on your handyman business directly.
  • Access to an expert who will personally handle your account and who will be on call any time of the day to answer your queries.

Our Customers Feedback


I didn’t think that it would be possible to bring in more revenue than I was currently, but Handyman Marketing Agency did an outstanding job of making sure that my website got maximum coverage and clicks.

New York

Trust me, you don’t know the endless potential that online marketing offers unless you’ve tried it for yourself. It took me close to two months to see results, but it’s been over a year since I’ve used their services and business has never been better!


I was ready to take my plastic surgery practice to the next level and I’m glad I found these guys at the right time. I loved the manner in which they handled my account and I would be glad to recommend them to anybody looking for more revenue.